jeu enfant Lily poule Jeu de carte Lis mes mots ! (homonymes)

Card Game Read my words! (homonyms)


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How to learn to differentiate words? With the help of homonyms!  

The goal of the game: find 2 cards that have the same sound (for example, sun / son). Variant for the youngest: separate the cards into 2 piles, each containing a homonym. 

From 1 player. 

Age: From 7 years old 


  • Metal box of 75 mm. 
  • Press the top of the box to open, press the edge of the box to close.
  • 32 cards of 67 mm + 1 card “Game rules”. 
  • Game weight: 75 g 

Created and manufactured in France. 

Registered design.