Jeu DE CARTE  ENFANT LILY POULE memory les émotions
Jeu DE CARTE  ENFANT LILY POULE memory les émotions

Memory card game emotions


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Looking for a way to communicate with your children around feelings or emotions? How to recognize and express them? 

This game allows children to associate their emotions or feelings with the corresponding illustration. The person who puts together the most pairs at the end of the game wins. 

It is even possible to play by mimicking the emotions present on the cards. The other players will then have to recognize the corresponding emotion. 

Contains 16 emotions and feelings: joyful, sad, frightened, furious, disgusted, surprised, happy, dreamy, in love, tired, disappointed, depressed, confused, shy, proud and curious. 

From 1 player. 

Age: From 4 years old. 


  • Metal box of 75 mm. 
  • Press the top of the box to open, press the edge of the box to close.
  • 32 cards of 67 mm + 1 card “Game rules”. 
  • Game weight: 75 g 

Created and manufactured in France.  Registered design.