jeu coopératif enfant sunny games zoo memo
jeu coopératif enfant sunny games zoo memo

Memorandum of cooperative game Zoo


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Are you familiar with the "memory" game? This one is on the theme of zoo animals! It is about finding the pairs of animals in an original and fun way.

The game principle: we turn the cards 2 by 2, and if we do not have the pair, we put them back in place by memorizing them.

Careful! If a "Director" card is flipped, all the cards will be scattered again. The game will be won if all the animals have regained their place before the arrival of the manager.

From 1 to 8 players

Age: From 4 years old.


  • 2-sided game board representing the zoo with 12 compartments for animals.
  • Game board with the road leading from the director's house to the zoo.
  • 1 director (before the first game, slide the figurine into the plastic base)
  • 24 animal cards or 12 pairs of young animals
  • 4 cards "director"
  • 2 cards indicating the roar of the lion 4/5 blank spare cards.
  • Booklet in English, Dutch, French, German, Turkish and Polish.


Author: Marleen Van Hoornyck.