Construire un monde durable avec Bonmot Organic

Build a lasting world with Bonmot Organic

Bonmot Organic is the Spanish brand that we love for its bright colors, its creativity and the comfort of its ethical and eco-responsible clothes.

The environment at the heart of the project

Estell Rosel and Castana from Castro founded Bonmot in 2017 in Barcelona. Their objective was clear: to forge a different path in the production and consumption of children's clothing. A more human and more environmentally friendly path.

Designed, drawn and products with great care and attention, in workshops offering fair and decent working conditions and with sustainable production rates, colorful Bonmot Organic clothes are unisex and organic.

“Our commitment is to create positive clothes for children, so that our little ones attach the necessary importance to the limited resources that the world offers us, and the importance of worrying about the incredible world in which we live.” explain the two co-founders.

By recycling and choosing the right materials, Bonmot Organic is proof that it is not necessary to continue to overexploit the planet's natural resources.

Positive clothes

For Bonmot Organic, clothes are used to make us smile and experience all the daily pleasures of life! They are there to last, be exchanged among the generations of the family and through each of them tells a story.

They are manufactured with 100% organic GOTS certified tissues, durable and cultivated without chemical agents. Everything is dyed in the least invasive way possible, using the minimum water and energy required.

Bonmot organic unisex clothes allow children to express themselves exactly as they wish. They can choose clothes that give them the opportunity to be themselves and show who they really are.

Bright colors, fun prints and strong values, this is the cocktail that Bonmot Organic offers us and that we love at Little Dudes! 

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