Bonjour : L'Art de Voyager à travers le Temps et l'Espace

Hello: The art of traveling through time and space

Little Dudes, your favorite destination for quality products for children, is delighted to present a new brand that has recently joined the selection: "Good morning". This brand embodies the essence of travel and retro, providing a breath and nostalgia for each piece created.

Bonjour's story

Founded in 2014 by Anne Millet, hello is much more than a simple fashion brand for children. Anne Millet, after many years in the childhood fashion industry, has decided to create a more personal universe, shaped by her travels and her discoveries in flea markets around the world. This is how hello was born.

The collections of Good morning are in limited series, highlighting exclusive prints on a varied range of products, ranging from linens to accessories and clothing with retro style. What really distinguishes hello are the traditional craft techniques used in the creation of each room. Artisanal embroidery, smocks and handmade quilting, as well as Handblock printing, are an integral part of the manufacturing process.

This concern for detail and authenticity is reflected in each hello product, which is made in a reasoned and respectful manner in collaboration with partners in India. More recently, hello has also extended its range to include quality knitting, made in Portugal.

The evolution of hello

Over the seasons, Bonjour was growing success, largely thanks to social media. The brand's collections were able to capture the imagination of retro style lovers and authentic crafts. The aesthetics and coherence of the Bonjour's photographic universe have charmed an increasingly wide audience, making the brand a reference in the world of fashion for children.

Bonjour's adventure has become a real family business when Yorick joined Anne Millet to contribute to the development of the brand. Together, they brought a new dimension to Bonjour, while preserving the soul and the values ​​that made its initial success.

Today, hello is not content to be present online, but its products are also available in 100 points of sale around the world. This testifies to the brand's universal appeal and its ability to seduce a diversified audience.


We are proud to welcome hello to the Little Dudes family. Their unique creations, their respect for craft traditions and their passion for travel marry perfectly with our commitment to quality and authenticity.

We welcome you to the magical universe of this brand which will make you travel through time and space, while preserving the charm of yesteryear. Explore our hello collection today and let yourself be carried away by the taste that it offers.

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