Maed for mini : la marque dont les parents raffolent

Maed for Mini: the brand whose parents love

Have you ever loved a children's garment so much to the point of wishing to be able to wear it yourself? This is a bit of what is happening for us when we see the Maed for Mini clothes!

Maerle Mulder and Edward Ouwerkerk, proud parents of two children, founded Maed for Mini, the Unisex brand for children. Born in Rotterdam, it is developing today around 4 strong pillars. We present them to you in this new article.

1. Children are the future

Maed for Mini understood this, the climate issue has never been so urgent. The brand is not defined as perfect but it makes every effort to prosper in a sustainable and responsible manner.

His most expensive wish: produce so as to leave the children a planet they can enjoy.

By advocating support for local businesses and talents, Maed for Mini is committed to the environment, its employees and employees.

2. Quality above all

Original design, timeless look and quality materials are three compatible and complementary elements at Maed for Mini.

Thanks to the use of carefully selected materials, Maerle and Edward strive to create durable clothes that can be worn throughout the year and be transmitted to the following generations. And as the collections are unisex, it's even easier to do!

3. Responsible and innovative materials

The brand is constantly looking for responsible and innovative alternative raw materials options. Most of their products are GOTS certified and local initiatives are regularly requested.

As much for clothing materials as for packaging, it is a continuous process with many challenges to take up

4. A limited stock

In addition to waste of water, the fashion industry generally produces a lot of waste in the production of raw materials, but also in unsold stocks.

In order to eliminate waste, Maed for Mini minimizes its waste in several ways:

  • by precisely planning the quantities for future collections,
  • By working with stockists from around the world who pass their pre -orders before production,
  • by recycling the remaining fabrics for another collection, in limited edition for example,
  • by giving unsold articles to charitable organizations (such as Becaus We Carry).

At Little Dudes, we fall completely for the color palette of Maed for Mini, its very soft and quality materials, and its original designs. We love the family spirit communicated by the couple through each collection and the humor injected into creations.

Discover this eco -responsible brand on our eshop!

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