Mathilde Cabanas : la mode des bisous

Mathilde Cabanas: Kisses fashion

The goal of Mathilde Cabanas? Kiffer and make us love it! Behind the French brand are two boss girls whose good humor is contagious, Mathilde the creative and Alexandra the communicator.

Known for its "kiss" that we find in each of the creations, Mathilde Cabanas offers us fun, generosity and operates, between Nantes and Paris, with respect for our planet.

French Success Story

When an illustrator, passionate about drawings and kisses, decides to launch her brand Lifestyle French & Fun, it gives Mathilde Cabanas.

The illustrator in question is Mathilde. In 2013, she started collaboration with Bonton Where she creates her first birthday cards and invitations. The collab star: her famous "kiss", such a simple and sweet word, which she particularly likes.

This first success allows Mathilde to develop its range of stationery. We quickly find his kisses in the concept blinds and stylish shops of France.

Mathilde then crossed paths with Alexandra Dégit, fashion editor at the time. First friends, they become associated in 2017. With their complementary profiles and skills, it is a shock duo: Mathilde takes care of the artistic side and the brand's production chain, Alexandre on the communication and marketing side (events, digital, e-shop).

Today, Mathilde Cabanas is objects of the cool everyday life: accessories, stationery, eco -responsible clothes for young and old, bags, children's books (written by Alexandra, illustrated by Mathilde). . And a lot of kisses.

Happy and fun spirit

Mathilde and Alexandra take everything seriously, without taking each other seriously. They make business with a lot of love, seeking to provide joyful emotions and to give a smile.

The Kids universe speaks to them strongly. Mathilde is also a mother of 4 children and Alexandra of a little baby. In Mathilde Cabanas, we have fun, we see life in color, we find lightness and naivety, characteristic so pure of children.

The choice of products

The choice of Mathilde Cabanas products is based on a balance between three elements:

  • a crush on clothing, an object, an accessory
  • meet the real expectations of customers
  • do things well, while respecting the environment

In a world where everything goes to a thousand an hour and where overconsumption takes precedence, it is a question of doing nothing in a hurry and always working according to a real reason for being. Concretely, Mathilde Cabanas:

  • carefully chooses the right partners,
  • opts for good materials ensuring high quality,
  • use the least plastic and packaging possible,
  • And promotes short circuits (France, Portugal).

For Mathilde and Alexandra, each product put up for sale at an instant T, must give them the same effect still years later. A cool product that remains cool over time. The universal rule: “No ephemeral product, disposable or demodable. We want to make products that brighten up the daily life of Forever people ”they say.

Want to fill your daily life with kisses and good vibes? Quickly discover the world of Mathilde Cabanas on our sustainable e-shop!



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