Nos indispensable pour les vacances

Our essentials for the holidays

The carnival holidays are there and that means that it is time to relax and enjoy the well -deserved holidays. Whether for ski holidays, sun holidays or home stays, we have gathered some looks of looks so that your children are at the forefront of fashion.

Ski holidays

If you go on vacation to the mountains for skiing, you will need adequate equipment. Opt for warm and comfortable clothes, such as a winter jacket, A hot pants, of the Good shoes or boots and one cap To keep your head warm.

hot jacketmoufflesthrillerpink sweaterjeansveja

Holidays in the sun for boys

For holidays in the sun, it is important to dress comfortably while being elegant. Opt for shorts in jeans or cotton, t-shirts colorful, sandals or some sneakers light. THE sunglasses should not be forgotten, they will protect your little boy's eyes while giving him a trendy look.

capshortsSun t-shirtglassesVeja shoesShort Chess

Holidays in the sun for girls

Girls have a large choice of clothing for sun holidays. Of the dresses light, shorts, of the skirts and tops Colorful are all wise choices for hot days in the sun. THE sandals, flip flops, sneakers light or ballerinas are comfortable and practical shoe options. To accessorize the outfits,sunglasses And hats are always welcome.

dressjerseyblue hatglassessandals

Home holidays

Home holidays do not necessarily mean that you should relax in pajamas all day. You can opt for comfortable but elegant outfits, such as relaxed jeans, a loose t-shirt and light sneakers. Make your creativity work during these holidays: do coloring, nail art, etc! We all have a collection of toys on the site.


Sports course

If your child participates in a sports course during the holidays, it is important to choose clothes that allow him to move easily. Shorts, leggings, loose t-shirts and sports sneakers are wise choices. Do not forget to include a bottle of water and a cap to protect your child's head from the sun.


Babies on vacation

Babies need comfortable and practical clothes, which allow them to move freely. Grenouillères, leggings and sweatshirts are ideal options for little ones. Do not forget the glasses to protect their eyes and their face from the sun.


In conclusion, whether you go on a beach or mountain vacation, it is important to choose comfortable and practical clothes all in the style, which allow you to take full advantage of your vacation.

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