VEJA : les baskets qui changent le monde 

Veja: sneakers that change the world

Since 2005, Veja has revolutionized the world of fashion, a basketball at a time. A French project, eco-responsible products, manufactured in respectful working conditions, Veja has become the leader in sustainable fashion.

How did history started?

Ghislain and Sébastien met at the age of 14. They made the 400 shots together: from adolescence to their economics studies, until the beginning of their careers in the United States, in the banking industry.

They both realized that they did not want to evolve in this direction. They leave their jobs and create an NGO. The goal: to travel around the world for a year while making a study trip to 70 projects of various backgrounds (solar panel companies, emancipation programs, analyzes of the supply chain, orphanages, ... ).

On the program: analyze projects in China, Brazil, India, Bolivia, Vietnam, Australia and even further, to improve them in terms of pollution reduction, environmental respect and improve the social conditions of the population local.

After having noticed in the field that the actions did not follow the words of the companies, the duo decided, in 2005, to create a project which would be based on action and not on the words. Say hello to Veja! 


Pioneer in sustainability

By putting humans, the environment and ethics always in the foreground, Veja makes things move in the fashion industry. It is the symbol of style combined with sustainable, social values ​​and biological materials.

Being transparent and honest is Veja's promise. Going up the production path to marketing has never been easier as with the French brand. From the purchase of fair and organic cotton in the fields of Brazil and Peru, to the collection of wild rubber of the Amazon forest, while maintaining a solid relationship with suppliers. Everything is written, black on white, on their website.

Sustainability represents the essence of the project. To understand it, Veja's teams meet people who bring the brand to life, spend time with them to understand their difficulties and find solutions together.

Veja connects all these points to create a different, more transparent basketball, a basketball whose production generates a positive impact at each stage of the economic chain.

We can also note that the brand refuses to constitute stocks and produces only on the basis of commands dated from the next 6 months, which avoids the accumulation of stocks and waste.

No advertising

Fabricating a VEJA costs 5 to 7 times more expensive to produce than standard basketball, because raw materials are ecological, purchased according to the principles of fair trade, and produced in factories with high social requirements.

To be able to produce ecological sneakers at an affordable and competitive price, Veja has made the decision to eliminate any form of advertising. The producers of raw materials are thus paid more precisely, the social and environmental impacts are constantly optimized, and the sneakers made in accordance with all.

The importance of design

Combining aestheticism and respect for the environment is the specialty of the French Baskets brand. No compromise between the two.

The secret of the two co -founders: create sneakers that they would like to wear every day! They love minimalism, timeless and they find inspiration everywhere: in their daily lives, their meetings, from clothes seen on the street, from works of art on the way ...

The first ecological running basketball

You couldn't write an article on Veja without mentioning your latest innovation: ecological basketball running.

99% of running on the market are now made up of plastic. Faced with this observation, the VEJA teams mobilized, after 4 years of research and development, to create running -in -laws combining performance with recycled and biosourced materials.

3 models are now available (Condor, Marlin and Condor 2), made from the following materials:

  • Recycled plastic bottles to the upper of the basketball
  • Amazon rubber for exterior soles
  • Latex, developed from natural rubber from Brazil, for the basketball cushion, having a large absorption capacity against the impacts
  • Pebax inserts, composed of castor oil, for maintenance

What an honor to have a brand like Veja among our partners! Give your children to the little feet the best, opt for Veja.


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