We are Kids : des vêtements aux accents vintage 

We are kids: Vintage accent clothes

We Are Kids is a French eco-responsible brand created in 2018 by Nathalie Ferrarini. Comfortable and colorful pieces for children, very soft materials, with vintage influence. Discover the We Are Kids universe in this new article!


Vintage madness

It was at the birth of her third child that Nathalie launched We Are Kids to share her love of vintage while respecting the planet.

Designed in Corsica, produced in Greece and Portugal, children's brand clothes are fun, colorful and ethical. Nathalie aims to dress the children in a joyful and reasoned manner. It strives to create comfortable and timeless parts in ecological (organic cotton) or upcycled materials (materials based on which we no longer use to transform them into quality products).

This vintage side is linked to the attachment that Nathalie experienced for her childhood in the 80s. Originally from Corsica, she spent all her summers in the house of her grandparents in sponge outfits, soft and ultra-resistant to fully enjoy family moments. These memories accompany him daily in the creation of future collections of We Are Kids.

Brand Manifesto

We Are Kids' manifesto is a simple, daring and inspired statement. It is a powerful reminder of which is We Are Kids and what the brand wishes to accomplish.

There are 7 key points:

  1. Swinge life: an optimistic message that reminds us that even in more difficult moments, it is always possible to see the good side of things.
  2. Consume right: the brand carries a vision focused on the future and the next generations, more than 90% of the fibers used are organic.
  3. Commit for the planet: We Are Kids favors local trade and close relations with its suppliers. The materials are soft, knitted and woven in Greek and Portuguese factories respecting environmental and social standards.
  4. Take inspiration from children: they are dreamy, they are cool, they are strong. Nathalie's creations are strongly inspired by the personality of each child around her.
  5. Traveling: to discover new universes and open up to the world.
  6. Helping: Bringing sweetness to children who need it can start with a comfortable sponge outfit!
  7. Always act with passion, benevolence and in joy.

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