Babymocs in a few words

Founded in Sweden, Babymocs is the first brand of vegan children's shoes in Scandinavia. Their mission: to make the world in which our children evolve is better.

Babymocs offers intelligent alternatives in the face of global warming and helps people who are the most disadvantaged to get back on their feet!

Beyond its commitment to the environment, Babymocs is leading a project that aims to create a platform to help the homeless people reintegrate into society thanks to micro-employees.

Why do we love it?

Babymocs makes us want to be in summer so that our children can wear sun glasses at the top! Little Dudes also cracks for vegan shoes in the classic style of this brand.

Common values

Babymocs thinks like us that it is possible to commit to the future by making responsible choices and each on its own scale. It’s a perfect match! We are proud to have such a brand by our side.

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