Cos i said so


Cos i said so in a few words

Cos I Said So is a brand based in Antwerp, which offers casual and comfortable clothes, good basics that are essential in the cabinet of your children.

Between Belgium and Pakistan, the main goal of COS I Said So is to be as sustainable and ecological as possible. For the Belgian brand, every small gesture counts.

Why we love it?

As Belgian dish, we are too happy to count this Belgian brand among us. Its unisex articles are perfect for being worn throughout the year. Special mention for hand drawn graphics that we love!

Common values

At COS I Said So we find Oeko-Tex certified organic cotton. The design and printing are carried out in Belgium, production in Pakistan. The brand offers each person who works on the project a pleasant and correct work environment. It also avoids, as much as possible, use of unnecessary plastic and packaging.

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