Louise Misha



With great care and humanity, Louise Misha promotes a fair and impartial fashion. It conveys messages of joy, curiosity and open-mindedness that do not leave us indifferent.

Its goal: to raise awareness. Louise Misha participates in the local development of the countries with which it collaborates. India, China, Italy, Portugal and France, Louise Misha has a major interest in the human working conditions of each worker and in the balance of commercial relations with all workshops.

The brand favours small independent structures and advocates the principle of equity in working relationships at all levels.

The collections are composed of more than 60% organic materials and 80% natural fibre materials, the majority of which have obtained GOTS certification. For synthetic fibres, Louise Misha opts exclusively for soft and natural materials.

Louise Misha is committed to women by partnering with “Solidarité Femmes”, a French association. The brand financially supports “Solidarité Femmes” by helping women relocate with their children in order to get away from violence.


Louise Misha allows us to escape into a poetic and bohemian universe, as if apart from time. We love the work done behind each handmade embroidery and the care paid to every detail.


Strong and committed values are what we advocate at Little Dudes. With Louise Misha, we emphasize the importance of humans, ethics, and the fight against conventional and industrial practices.

Louise Misha aims to have the most neutral ecological impact possible. While waiting to achieve this goal, the brand adheres transparency and honesty. A state of mind that we appreciate very much!

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