Poppik in a few words

Poppik This is the art of creating with stickers. The Parisian brand offers great posters to complement with dozens of repositionable stickers. It is the perfect creative and playful activity for all children (and even their parents), to realize alone or several.

Why we love it?

There is at least one Poppik for all of us! Thanks to the variety of the range of posters and stickers, every child can be in Poppik and can create with what speaks to him and calls him the most.

Poppik makes it possible to develop the capacities of concentration and fine motor skills, and creates privileged moments to share with family.

Common values

Pedagogy and Children's Education are at the heart of the project, Poppik wants them to become the awakening players of the world of tomorrow.

Each product is manufactured by a team of child enthusiasts, responsibly, to minimize the carbon footprint.

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