The mini worlds in a few words

Offering games and books that make sense, this is the mission of the mini worlds. The project, straight from Nantes, offers travel notebooks to follow the unusual adventures of the Duchemin family. Pedagogy, discovery and fun are there.

Why do we love it?

The mini worlds are above all a human project where children have fun and discover the taste for adventure. There are quality, benevolent and amusing content developed according to the Montessori method to promote awakening by the senses, autonomy and openness to the world.

Common values

The toy industry produces 100,000 tonnes of waste per year in France. Faced with this observation, the mini worlds have completely redesigned the way of making a toy and launching the challenge of creating the best -made toys in the world. They jostle an entire sector and succeed in the feat of making toys 100% made in France and recycled plastic.

The brand is part of a global approach to respecting the environment and innovation. We are so proud to have them with us at Little Dudes!

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