Wander & Wonder is a brand founded in 2017 by Hilda Yim, passionate about travel and different cultures. She drew inspiration from her family travel experiences to create a children's fashion label that celebrates curiosity and adventure. The brand strives to maintain its relevance by constantly evolving and exploring a new culture each season, paying homage to its traditions and embracing its language and way of life through a childlike perspective.

Wander & Wonder clothes are designed for children who love to discover new places and cultures. The brand focuses on details and textures while using quality materials to provide optimal comfort for children. Ultimately, Wander & Wonder is a brand that encourages kids to explore the world and ask questions, while dressing them in style and functionality.


Wander & Wonder is a brand that combines a love of travel and learning about different cultures through children's fashion. Founder Hilda Yim strives to maintain the brand's relevance in the ever-changing world of fashion by exploring a new culture each season and creating designs that reflect inspiration and cultural influences. Wander & Wonder children's clothing is playful, functional and educational, with an emphasis on quality, comfort and durability.


Wander & Wonder and Little Dudes share several common values, including their commitment to sustainability and ethics in the fashion industry. It seeks to reduce their environmental impact by using organic and recycled materials in the manufacture of their products. In addition, the brand advocates responsible consumption by encouraging the purchase of quality products rather than overconsumption. Finally, they aim to inspire curiosity and discovery in children by exploring different cultures through their collections.

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