For the health of our children (organic or non-toxic materials)

 Healthy children


Organic fashion is committed to protecting health: say goodbye to carcinogenic and allergenic elements!

The raw materials used for cultivation, manufacture and colouring of the garment are natural. They are cultivated without pesticides or chemical fertilizers, toxic or harmful, both for the environment and for the population.

Fabrics (such as cotton, hemp, silk, vegetable leather, linen, etc.) provide greater comfort and softness and are more respectful of fragile and sensitive skin. This is all the more important for babies and children who are most vulnerable as they are still growing!

At Little Dudes we make it a point of honour to protect the health of your children by partnering with brands that take the most organic approach possible.

To ensure transparency, we want to make it clear should you notice parts that are not considered organic on our platform, the values of the brand and the trust we place in it remain nevertheless guaranteed. We know that each of Little Dudes partner brands is as committed to sustainability and eco-responsibility as possible.