Where it all started ...

" Dudes, do you know this term that made its appearance from the middle of the 19th century?
At the time, he designated men with special attention to their appearance and the latest fashion trends.

The term has evolved over the years: in particular, it is used as a friendly and familiar arrest, or a brand of affection, for both a boy and a girl.

We are inspired today to introduce you Little Dudes, an online platform that provides a New way to consume the sustainable and organic way For children full of peps, creativity, joy to live, and probably our most beautiful source of inspiration.

How do you combine the aesthetics of fashion with respect for the environment and ethics?

By buying less but better with Little Dudes !

More on the sustainable and organic way! Little Dudes Was born out of the belief that it is possible to be styled while promoting sustainable, social and biological materials.

And it's even less complicated than what we think ...


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