10 cadeaux éco-responsables pour enfants 

10 eco-responsible gifts for children

The end of year celebrations are fast approaching! Are you lacking in inspiration to please your little ones ethically and sustainable? Do not panic, Little Dudes has everything planned. Here are 10 ideas for eco-responsible gifts for children. Big smiles and eyes amazed insured 😍

#1 a coloring kit

A few days ago, we were talking about the brand Omy On the blog. The perfect gift to constitute a complete coloring kit: giant colored posters, stickers, pencils, felts and much more. 

OMY undertakes to guarantee a lesser impact on the environment and to support the local Parisian economy. Discover all OMY products by here.

#2 A pretty dress

We all like to pump up to celebrate the holiday season with family, even your children.

At Little Dudes, you are offered a selection of colorful dresses, the majority of which are made from organic and/or recycled cotton. Perfect for your child's delicate skin!

Find our selection by here. 


#3 Kapla construction game

If there is a game that has gone through generations, it's him! True timeless is the ideal gift to stimulate concentration, patience and perseverance of children.

And in addition, let's face it, parents love to play there too 😉 Kapla games in natural wood and non-grease, it is by here.




#4 What to face in winter

So that your children can enjoy the battles of snow and afternoon sleds in the park, they must be well equipped!

A soft hat, a big scarf, good gloves, and voila. That's good, we have what you need at Little Dudes, all made ethically and respecting the environment. Make your choice just here.

#5 a camera

 One of our favorites on this list of eco-responsible gifts: a camera Kidywolf. Enough to immortalize the holiday season, and all other moments of everyday, in photo or in video.

Your child can even customize their photos with the 20 wallpapers available. Too fun! Discover it by clicking here.



#6 A little reading

 To teach children the importance of listening to their emotions, helping them grow in peace with themselves and those around them, we offer you the books of Editions to spend.

100% made in France, with labeled or recycled paper and vegetable inks. Make your choice by clicking on this link.

#7 A colorful sweatshirt

 To color the gray winter days, offer a sweatshirt full of pep, with fun and organic cotton patterns to your child!

Find the selection by here. Which one will you choose?



#8 A stories box

 A gift to open up to the world. This is the promise of the stories box of Lunii, the ideal companion to arouse your child's curiosity and give free rein to his imagination.

Without screen or novice wave, your child can dream, explore and learn. Discover the just here.

#9 Creative molding

 A little water, plaster, painting and mussels ... Mako molds Offers activities to share with family or friends to create fun casts by stimulating creativity.

By offering a molding of Mako Moulages, you support an ecosystem of French entrepreneurs committed to the environment. Click here to know more.


#10 A board game

 Our list of eco-responsible gifts for children ends with a proposal that will work every time: a board game!

In addition, the board games available on Little Dudes are played in a cooperative way to develop their team spirit and their listening capacity. Discover our selection by clicking here. 


We wish you a happy holiday season to all. Take advantage of these magical moments with your loved ones ❀ 

And don't forget to share your child's reaction discovering his Little Dudes gift, we would like to see that!

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