Repose AMS fait rimer esthétique, confort et durabilité

AMS rests rhyme aesthetic, comfort and durability

Rest of AMS is the story of In-Yeo, a Hollandaise passionate about fashion that follows her heart and launches to create her own clothing brand. It begins small, with some baby covers, to become a brand known worldwide, a sustainable brand, a brand full of meaning.

We love it for its ability to combine comfort, aesthetic and sustainability. We present to you Rest AMS!


A well -established passion 

In-Yeo, the founder of Rest Ams, grew up in the Netherlands, in a small town in the frieze. Creating clothes has always been your favorite occupation. “I started creating clothes at a very young age, that's what I like to do most and as far as I remember, I never wanted to do something else." she says.

After spending years ordering fashion magazines, smelling the paper, scribbling clothes like those of magazines, and imagining in this creative universe, in-Yeo is part of the academy of Amsterdam's fashion.

After 10 years as a designer for various companies, the time has come to launch its own brand. AMS was based in 2014 in Amsterdam.



Of baby covers to an international brand

In 2014, AMS rest was a brand of design of superior quality covers for babies. During the years following its creation, it has evolved to become a brand of clothing for babies and children up to 14 years old appreciated worldwide.

Since the start, AMS has been working with the same suppliers: 80% of them are in Portugal, 20% are in China. In-Yeo and his team have a strong relationship with suppliers in order to be able to work with confidence with each other, with respect and dignity.

In 2021, AMS was based opened its very first store in Amsterdam.



Unique and durable pieces 

AMS rest collections are a lot of comfort, without neglecting the design. In-Yeo defines creations as in perfect harmony with color, shape and texture. Like an alliance between the overflowing imagination of children with the aesthetics of adults.

Rest of AMS, it is mainly unique pieces that last. The brand is committed to reducing its ecological footprint as much as possible. Designed for the sake of longevity, the pieces are made to be beautiful today and for the years to come, so that the next generations can also enjoy it.




Buying less and choosing intelligently, this is the motto of In-Yeo. From the start of the adventure, the creations rests AMS have always been designed to be sustainable and meaningful.

For AMS rest, discovering new ways to reduce their CO2 footprint and make clothes more responsible is a continuous journey.

It is therefore natural that Reloved was born. A new concept to give a second life to a garment, to raise awareness and awareness of consumers. It is also a way for AMS rest to participate in a concrete way in the movement of circular fashion.

The innovative and responsible approach to AMS rest in its desire to contribute to a more sustainable world has particularly touched us. Fall in love with the Dutch brand too on our e-shop.




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