Bobo Choses : marque pionnière et engagée

Bobo things: Pioneer and committed brand

In 2008, Adriana Esperalba launches Bobo things in Barcelona. Brand committed, Bobo things offers children's clothes in pep and lively colors.

“Bobo things is not a clothing brand. Bobo things is a way of understanding the world. ” explains Adriana. Focus on the Spanish brand that has seduced, and continues to seduce, children and parents around the world.

A singular brand

Adriana defines Bobo things in 4 words: creativity, happiness, friends and family. More than a simple brand of clothing, Bobo things tells us stories and creates imaginary worlds so that children can explore their creativity, play and enjoy life.

The founder wants Bobo things to be an integral part of the life of children who wear the brand. "As an adulthood, you always remember your favorite t-shirt or sweater-we want to become that one," she says.

At Bobo things, the team shares the same passion: create fun and comfortable clothes so that children can play with and flourish. The team is defined as children stuck in adult bodies. A seriously funny working environment while being engaged and taking care of the world. Their motto: “have fun!”

Transparency and commitment

Ethics, respect for the environment and sustainability take up more and more space in our discussions and habits today. But at the launch of Bobo Things, in 2008, consciences were not as awake. From the start of the adventure, the brand is committed to proposing environmentally friendly products and constantly improving the sustainability of its production processes.

Their desire to build a more sustainable and completely transparent world is strong. Today, room, proximity and quality are always privileged. 95% of the products are made between Spain and Portugal. Thanks to this proximity, Bobo things can control and guarantee the quality of the collections.

In terms of materials, the biological is favored and there are mainly GOTS, OEKO-Tex certified fabrics and textiles created according to Bionic Finish Eco technology.


The Iconic collection

In the past two years, Bobo things has innovated and has launched an unprecedented project. The principle: extend the life cycle of their surplus materials and push the limits of their commitments.

Thanks to research, development and innovation, the Iconic collection was born. It is a permanent collection made up of materials:

  • Recycled: Bobo things has transformed manufactured clothes from old collections. The brand also transforms used cotton into a pulp that creates new fibers to produce wires and fabrics.
  • Recyclables: part of the collection reuses the materials and threads of past collections to create new products. Bobo things donate all the waste generated at the production stage to a local recycling and reuse foundation.
  • Natural: these are natural dyes that are used. They are up to 400 times less harmful to climate change than conventional dyes. All products used in the process come from natural sources.

The Iconic collection takes up the most emblematic and appreciated prints and motifs in the history of the brand. We love !

A word on the designer

Adriana is an entrepreneural mother. At the birth of her first child, she realizes that she does not find beautiful clothes to dress him. She then decides to create a mini-collaction of fun and surprising clothes. Bobo things then see the light of day!

In addition to her role as founder, she is the brand's creative director, thanks to her graphic designer background. His inspiration as a designer comes from her childhood: films, music, books and travel. She is inspired by family photos, clothes she wore when she was small, architects, artists of all kinds and fashion icons.

To ensure the comfort and originality of its pieces, its own children participate in the creation and production process. They are always the first to try the prototypes and they share their opinions, positive as negative, with their mom.

Choosing Bobo things is choosing innovation in favor of sustainable, honest and fair values.

A brand that is good for the planet and our children. Discover Bobo things without further delay on Little Dudes! 


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