Des posters géants pour créer et s’amuser avec OMY 

Giant posters to create and have fun with Omy

Say goodbye to classic A4 coloring notebooks! OMY (Pronounce Oh My!) Invented the concept of XXL coloring.

In 2012, in Paris, the two graphic designers and friends, Elvire and Marie-Cerise, had an idea of ​​genius: giant posters from cities illustrated with family! Omy imagines and designs graphic and creative collections.

Succeed by innovating

What made Omy's great success was to have created a project that did not exist! No one had thought about them before them.

With OMY innovation, it’s not just children who have fun. It is a real creation space that takes place in the house, where everyone can express themselves through coloring.

At the start of the adventure, Elvire and Marie-Cerise participated in many events to present the brand. During one of these events, Omy was spotted by THANKS, the cult Parisian concept store. This is what gave a real boost to their visibility and allowed them to make themselves known worldwide.

Entrepreneurship as DNA

Before developing Omy, Elvire and Marie-Cerise created their own graphic design agency. Incoms for several years, the project was born directly at the end of their studies at the Arts-Deco in Paris. Both from the families of entrepreneurs, it was natural that they also embark on entrepreneurship.

5 years later, the professional routine had been a little too much installed. New mothers, they needed renewal and working for their project, not those of others. Omy is then born!

Family traditions are therefore perpetuated, and they hope to give their children to taste it ...

Creativity at the heart of the project

At Elvire and Marie-Cerise, it cogitates all the time! Both equipped with very creative minds, they change the brand to the rhythm of their ideas.

Holidays, but not only! Omy also rhymes with stickers, pencils, felts, pocket games, children's tables for children, and much more. They keep creating, with their team, and to develop the wide range of products. And, good news, all these products are available on our e-shop 😉


"Omy is a creative brand, we believe that it can be expressed on all supports and in all forms!", Confers the co-founders.

Eco -responsibility as a guiding principle

We were not going to tell you about Omy without mentioning his eco -responsible commitments.

All OMY products are imagined and designed in the Parisian studio, where particular care is taken from the choice of materials and the originality of each new article.

OMY undertakes to guarantee a lesser impact on the environment and to support the local economy. These values ​​are dear to the brand and the social impact is calculated for each new manufactured product.

Some information to remember:

  • 85% of the products are manufactured and stored not far from the Parisian studio
  • 100% of coloring posters are guaranteed by the FSC label
  • 80% of products are 100% recyclable
  • Products for children are all tested in the laboratory and are marking CE

And in addition, the team is 100% female! Who Run the World?!

Stimulate the creativity of your children (and yours) with Omy! Discover the Parisian brand on our e-shop.

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