Les grands créateurs de mode et leurs pièces phares

Large fashion designers and their flagship parts

As you know, Little Dudes is a great love story with fashion. With us, fashion is aimed at senses, emotions, expressions. It conveys values ​​and commitments, it affects the very identity of a person.

Small fashion lesson today on the blog! We invite you to return to the basics and present the biggest fashion designers. They marked history by their creativity, their originality and their audacity. On the program: Diane von Furstenberg, Coco Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Mary Este, Christian Dior and Jean Paul Gaultier.

Diane von Furstenberg and the wallet dress

As a Belgian project, it was quite natural that we chose the Belgian-American Diane von Furstenberg as the first designer on our list. Installed in the United States in the 1970s,Diane von Furstenbergmarked the history of fashion and has become famous for its timeless and flattering dresses.

It is particularly thanks to her famous portfolio dress that she has become the fashion icon that we know today. It was welcomed with enormous success in 1974, when women emancipated themselves in the United States and were looking for comfortable and female outfits. The fashion magazine Vogue describes it as "the dress symbol of the sexual liberation of women".

The portfolio dress is a dress that adapts to all morphologies, it is easy to put on and is undersideable. She has the power to immediately make us feel classy and ready for all occasions!

From its creation until the 21st century, the portfolio dress has been brought - and has always been carried - by thousands of women, many celebrities, and it has been declined in all colors with all types of patterns.

→ Fashion with Diane von Furstenberg in three words: femininity, effortless, class.


Coco Chanel and the little black dress

Gabrielle Chanel, better known as Coco Chanel, is renowned for her perfumes and many haute couture creations. Passionate about sewing, singing and fashion, Coco is a real artist in the soul. She began her fashion career in 1910 by making sophisticated hats for women.

In the 1920s, the little black dress was a classic, a symbol of mourning and war. Coco Chanel revolutionized this piece in 1926 to make it timeless and French fashion: right version, fairly simple, neck and knee length. Completely new compared to what we used to at the time!

With her little black dress, the designer becomes famous worldwide. The female emblems of all eras will proudly carry it: Marilyn Monroe, Edith Piaf, Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn ... Over the years, many fashion designers reinvent it in their own way.

→ Fashion with Coco Chanel in three words: elegance, simplicity, essential.

Yves Saint Laurent and the feminine tuxedo

Of Franco-Algerian origin, Yves Saint Laurent is the fashion designer for modern women. In the early 1960s, Yves Saint Laurent left the management of the Dior house and created his eponymous haute couture house. Already recognized and adored for her Mondrian dress, the real stroke of genius of her career is feminine tuxedo, which appeared in 1966. This piece is against the current beauty and style standards.

Until now reserved for men, he launched a genus revolution by presenting the feminine tuxedo. He embodies the image of a free and independent woman. "For a woman, the tuxedo is an essential garment with which she will constantly feel fashionable because it is a style garment and not a fashion garment. The modes pass, the style is eternal. ” he said.

The public of the time unfortunately does not appreciate it at its fair value, it is sold in one copy only. It is finally with the opening of his own shop in Paris that the feminine tuxedo will mark the story. It will be available for each collections of the house.

→ Fashion with Yves Saint Laurent in three words: avant-garde, style, innovation.

Mary as for the mini-skirt

It is to the Londonian Mary when we owe our mini-skirts! Convinced that fashion should be affordable to be accessible to young people, she opens her own store, Bazaar, London in 1955. A few years after opening, when decided to launch her own brand and make her own clothes, with a very look Londoner.

1958: The year when the mini-skirt arrives. A real upheaval for the time, women rather used to carry corsets and tight dresses. The company is shared between provocation, shock, but also admiration for the audacity of Mary at a time. The women of London and around the world are completely under the spell of the mini-skirt and sales explode. Then follow collaborations with American department stores.

Mary, considered mini-skirt as completely adapted to her time, a symbol of freedom, pleasure and insurance for young women. For the little anecdote, she gave him this name in reference to her favorite car, the Mini Cooper.

→ Fashion with Mary as of three words: innovation, pop, liberation.


Christian Dior and the bar jacket

74 years ago, the Haute Couture Maison Christian Dior presented its very first collection in Paris. There are marked sizes and lovablely whirling skirts that revolutionized fashion of the time. Christian Dior gave women the means to assert their power of seduction, to reclaim their bodies and their image after the war.

The essential of this first collection is the bar jacket: a fitted tailor jacket in ivory silk Shantung, stated shoulders and chest, which draws a wasp size. The watchword for creation: "Refine the body without breaking the size". The jacket is inspired by the bar at the Plaza Athenée hotel, one of Christian Dior's HQ.

The bar jacket was so successful that it was copied several times. Christian Dior reworked and updated this centerpiece. It was presented in different versions in almost all the collections he designed until his death in 1957.

 Fashion with Christian Dior in three words: contemporary, creativity, seduction.

Jean Paul Gaultier and La Marinière

Passionate about fashion from a very young age, Jean Paul Gaultier worked for large haute couture houses before launching his own collection in the 1970s. Obsessed with Indigo stripes and their graphic aspects since his childhood, he will have the sailor The star of his first male parade in 1978.

Challenge of Jean Paul Gaultier, La Marinière he did not invent it, but it was he who brought it up to date. Jean Paul did his favorite clothing. The sailor has become like his fashion superhero costume, which he wears wherever he's going.

He uses it as a symbol of seduction, both for men and for women. It is an integral part of its inheritance, with its famous perfume “Le Mâle” which carries the colors.

→ Fashion with Jean Paul Gaultier in three words: timeless, colors, elegance.

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