Louise Misha : une mode humaine et un univers bohème

Louise Misha: a human fashion and a bohemian universe

“Louise Misha is joy, color, a great open -mindedness, curiosity, an immoderate taste for travel and ... a lot, a lot of sweetness." Marie, the founder, describes this perfectly mark that we love at Little Dudes.

Louise Misha allows us to escape in a poetic and bohemian universe, as apart in time. A hyper -committed brand with strong values, to be discovered without further delay on Little Dudes ✨ 

The story Louise Misha

Marie Pidancet Lance Louise Misha In 2012, with her friend Aurélie Remeter, on the return from a decisive trip to India. Louise Misha originally addressed to children, in honor of their little flirtatious nieces, before extending to the woman.

The brand is strongly influenced by foreign cultures that have always been part of Marie's daily life. Hyper curious by nature, his grandfather made him discover the love of travel, discovery and open-mindedness. We find these values ​​in creations, some of which are made in India and China, with respect for local know-how (we tell you more about it just a little lower 👇).

The brand developed very quickly, driven by a strong enthusiasm of the public. Today, Marie continues the adventure with Claire, director general of Louise Misha, and her childhood friend. They are continuously questioning how to deploy the brand more with a reinforced team and an attractive e-shop. 


Committed and strong values

Equitable and just, this is how Louise Misha sees fashion. Through a completely singular universe, the brand conveys messages of joy, curiosity and open -mindedness.

His goal: to awaken consciences. Louise Misha participates in the local development of the countries with which she collaborates. India, China, Italy, Portugal and France, the brand has a major interest in the human working conditions of each person and the balance of trade relations with all the workshops.

The brand favors small independent structures and advocates the principle of equity in labor relationships, at all levels. It is Marie who says it, “Louise Misha is above all an extraordinary human adventure shared between a united and benevolent team, talented and respectful suppliers, and loyal clients always present by our side to vibrate the heart of Louise Misha. "

With regard to fabrics and materials, the collections are made up of more than 60% of organic matter and 80% of materials from natural fibers, most of which has obtained GOTS certification. For synthetic fibers, Louise Misha opts exclusively for soft and natural materials.

Since the start of the Cavid 19 pandemic, Louise Misha has also been committed to women by allying Solidarity Women, a French association. The cause of women and the violence that is made to them deeply affect Marie, Claire and the whole team. The brand financially supports Solidarity Women by helping women to relocate with their children to get away from violence.

Louise Misha's ecological footprint

The fashion industry is considered one of the most polluting. Louise Misha carries the mission of having the most neutral ecological impact possible. While waiting to achieve this goal, the brand shows transparency and honesty.

The development of Louise Misha goes hand in hand with an ecological imprint that increases but the brand is looking for better solutions in terms of production: working with more ecological packaging for transport and storage and use more ecological materials, such as cotton biological.

At Louise Misha, children live their best adventures in their clothes. It is not a question of keeping them for a single season but rather of sharing them within the family to make the memories last.

To inspire a more respectful consumption of men and the environment, the brand encourages a recycling and reuse process to give several lives to their parts.

A Clean Universe

If we had to summarize Louise Misha in three words, we would use "bohemian", "poetic" and "sweetness". It is a clean universe, recognizable among a thousand and full of nostalgia and joy.

Each piece is made with love, respect and quality. In this universe, we also find a lot of femininity and feminism. The Louise Misha team being made up of almost 100% women who exchange, share, bring together and create.

Like a new trip, each collection allows us to discover new colorful regions and new stories. Much more than children's clothing and accessories, Louise Misha is a real world that we invite you to discover.

For all these reasons, it was obvious to count Louise Misha among the partner brands of Little Dudes. Find Louise Misha and her sweetness on the e-shop:

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