Tajinebanane : allaiter partout, tout le temps

Tajinebanane: breastfeeding everywhere, all the time

TAJINEBANANE clothes all have one thing in common: to be able to accompany breastfeeding and facilitate factories, everywhere, all the time. Since 2018, the Bordeaux brand Tajinebanane has attracted thousands of women around the world.

The beginning of the success story

Tajinabanane was born in France with the objective of allowing women to feel confident and comfortable in their breastfeeding journey. The project was born at the birth of Alison Cavaille's latest.

A rather complicated end of pregnancy because of appendicitis, Alison was unable to breastfeed her son in the hospital. Despite everything, she did not want to give up the adventure of breastfeeding that she had appreciated so much with her two elders. A few days after returning home and after many tests, victory! Alison managed to breastfeed her child. It was following this experience that she imagined a comfortable, practical but also inspiring garment.

The story begins with a clothing made in the Homemade way from a t-shirt by her husband, Rafa. She then continues with a small production of 150 t-shirts, sold in just a week. They have a small twisting of their own: two openings (zips or pressures) on the sides that allow easy access to the chest.

Success is there from the start. 4 years later, Tajinebanane became the reference mark for mothers who are breastfeeding, even beyond French borders.


A mission: to engage

Tajinebanane defends the right of families to choose how and where they are breastfeeding, without feeling isolated, deemed, shameful. The brand changes things and contributes to the evolution of mentalities. Alison, the founder, sees breastfeeding as a choice for her child. And like all choices (you take it or do not take it), it deserves respect and support.

In addition to creating revolutionary, eco-responsible and manufactured clothing in conditions that respect the entire production chain, Tajinebanane is a dozen associations. Since 2018, the brand's charitable actions have raised more than 65,000 euros and hundreds of donations in kind.

The most recent action, "Suspended Latte #5", took place in June and July this year. For the fifth time, Tajinebanane gives the possibility to its customers and customers to offer clothes to families in difficulty with a donation of the sum of their choice when validating their order.

Each euro harvested is transformed into new clothes which will then be sent to the partner association. The suspended slat can also take the form of fundraising for certain projects. For this edition, the Vacances du Coeur association, involved in recognition and access to the right to the holidays for all, has been chosen.

An authentic brand

What pleases (and we like a lot at Little Dudes) is the authenticity that we find at Tajinebanane.

An Instagram community with a cleat, nicknamed "MIF" by Alison, word games do you want it here, precious advice on important subjects, a good communicative humor and full of love.

Tajinebanane is also a lot of kindness. A word for pregnancies that do not all lead to childbirth, for breasts that do not all find the path of breastfeeding, for bodies that do not respond to beauty standards imposed by society, for mothers who Growed ... and it feels good! It’s real, authentic.

LITTLE DUDES 100% supports the revolution worn by TAJINEBANANE. We are honored to count them with us and offer you its Kids eco-responsible collection

And as Alison often says, “have a boob day”!

The Kids collection 

The brand of breastfeeding does not forget stylish children! The Kids collection, hyper fun with word games well specific to Tajinebanane, is produced in an eco-responsible way in Portugal. As with mothers, comfort is the priority on the side of children: there are very soft organic cotton and oversized models.


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