Le pouvoir des accessoires

The power of accessories

A simple cupcake does not look like much as long as the frosting and the garnishes have not been added, right? With the outfits, it's a bit the same. These are the fashion accessories that give them flavor and pep!


We asked some of our customers why and how to wear accessories? Here is a summary of their answers.

#1 to wear the same outfit several times

If you have a collection of accessories, you don't need to buy so many different clothes. With some accessory changes, you can get several variations of the same outfit.

A simple lipstick and beautiful earrings can enhance a little black dress for a night outing, while a pair of sneakers can give it a rather casual style.

#2 to assert your style

Two people bearing the same outfit but accessorizing differently shows how important accessories play in the expression of your style.

No style is exactly the same, accessories help to amplify your tastes and express yourself. This is the detail that changes everything!

#3 for their practical side 

To reach the useful to the pleasant, one of the primary goals of the accessories is clearly to be practical. A bag to store your belongings, solar glasses to protect yourself, a hat to face the cold ... There is always a way to combine their functional side with aesthetics.

#4 to focus on certain parts of the body

Accessories can help you get your eyes to a particular body of your body, the one (s) you love! A pair of heels to enhance your beautiful legs, a belt to accentuate your wasp size or a shiny necklace to highlight your face ... Use accessories to show the world what you like at home.

#5 Less is more

When it comes to accessories, we recommend that you favor harmony. They must complete an outfit without dominating it. By opting for one or two accessories per holder, you maintain the cohesion of the whole while allowing each part to have their own place.

And for children?

In children, as in adults, accessories are synonymous with fun! On our eco-friendly multi-brand e-shop, find a bunch of children's accessories.

Of the tongs too crisp to tie your daughter's hair, a cap multicolored for a cool look, a collar For a little more dressed outfit, discover ethical and durable nuggets on Little Dudes.

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