Porter la mode des années 80 en 2022

Wear the fashion of the 80s in 2022

How to summarize the fashion of the 80s in a few words? We would choose: fantasy, bright colors and very assertive styles. The 80s offered us iconic trends and looks for which "less is always better"!

This is the time of XL jewelry and shoulder shoulders, electric colors and leather jackets, leggings like pants and underwear as outdoor clothes. The time of Diana, Madonna, dear and many others ...

The fashion of the 80s returns to date. 40 years later, these eccentric looks are still very present. We present to you our 6 favorite trends of the time and we explain how to wear them in 2022!

#1 Passion Sequins

Sequins, resembling small coins, are linked to the idea of ​​wearing money as a clothing. They became the symbol of decadent outfits and raging evenings in 1980.

How to wear them in 2022: a fluid white shirt entered in a sequins skirt is the perfect assortment for your next girls between girls.

#2 The oversize blazer with shoulder shoulders

Thierry Mugler is revolutionizing the history of Blazers, he offers a version that marks the size of women with disproportionate shoulders, to highlight the working girl that takes power.

How to wear it in 2022: for a modern version, add a belt to the waist, to put your shapes in the foreground of your look.

#3 The tight body

We told you above, during the 80s, we brought underwear as an outdoor clothes. The tight bodysuits have appeared thanks to two phenomena:

  • The start of the career of the Madonna superstar with crazy looks
  • The fashion for sportswear appears: to take their aerobic lessons, women swear by lycra bodysuits in neon colors.

How to wear it in 2022: by carrying it with a high -waisted MOM jeans, no way to miss you!



#4 jewelry without moderation

When more and more women were able to start buying their own jewelry in the 80s, the demand for collaborators and large rings, to attract attention, exploded. Nothing to do with discreet jewelry from previous generations. Women considered them a good way to display their status and the richness that their new job brought to them.

How to wear them in 2022: XL earrings with the hair tied, it is the perfect combo to make a outfit rather simple, memorable.

#5 The leather jacket

The rock musical culture of the 80s, based on non -conformist ideas, was illustrated by the leather jacket. Male and female artists of the time used it as a sign of rebellion. She had a strong impact on the young generations in search of freedom of expression and individuality.

How to wear it in 2022: rather cool with jeans and sneakers or rather classy with pumps and cigarette pants, the leather jacket is available in all your desires.

#6 Comfortable leggings

We explained it above, Sportswear fashion became popular in the 80s. Unavoidable of the time, leggings went to pair with the moling body for a fitness session (thank you Jane Fonda!). Celebrities also adopted it for their looks, everything was possible in terms of colors and prints.

How to wear it in 2022: with a blazer and boots, dare cycling leggings to modernize this iconic trend from the 80s.

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