5 façons de porter la tendance fluo

5 ways to wear the fluorescent trend

When it appeared for the first time in the 1980s, the fluorescent trend could be considered as the clothing manifestation of a cultural change. A generation kissed all kinds of excess by rebelling against strict social constructions of the time.

Fluo shades are ideal for giving heat and personality to an outfit, even in autumn or winter! But as with any strong and distinctive element of your look, you should not abuse it.

Here are our tips for exploiting the most brilliant trends.

  1. In simplicity

Start with a single color at a time, on a single garment, and let it stand out for itself. Whether it's a blouse, a jacket or a pair of shoes, combine this element with other clothes in neutral tones like white, beige or black.

  1. Choose the right nuance

Choose the neon shade you like the most and that goes well with your complexion and your hair color.

For example, if your face is pale, yellow and orange will be more complicated to wear. Instead, opt for more bright colors such as fluorescent pink or cobalt blue.

  1. We say yes to prints

You don't necessarily have to be content to associate the neon with another united color. The brilliant colors of the fluorescent are superb when associated with prints, especially animal.

For example, a fluorescent top associated with a leopard skirt or an animal print crop top with fluorescent flared pants.

  1. The monochrome look

Bold humor? You can test the fluorescent look from head to toe! We saw the monochrome look everywhere in the parades of the latest Fashion Weeks and we approve.

In this case, remember to play down other aspects of your outfit, such as your makeup, your shoes and your accessories.

  1. A little preview

If you do not want to start fully in the fluorescent, you can wear it as a lower layer under a plain piece.

For example, wear a fluorescent long sleeve top under a blazer to give an overview. A fluorescent t-shirt under a classic denim overalls can also be canon.

Think accessories

We have it to you already said, accessories give flavor and pep to your outfits. Fluo accessories will bring a touch of heat to your outfit.

From your makeup, to your nails via your handbag, there are many ways to incorporate a little fluorescent into your look!

And for children?

On our eco -responsible eshop for children, fall for fluorescent outfits for your little pieces.

A cap very soft ribbed fuchsia, a sweater brilliant yellow in organic cotton or sneakers Fluo pink, children can also adopt and master the fluorescent trend!


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