Mini Rodini : quand la mode rime avec durabilité

Mini Rodini: When fashion rhymes with sustainability

Creating original, eccentric and funny clothes, without compromising ethics and the environment is the main mission of Mini Rodini.

The fashion designer, Cassandra Rhodin creates Mini Rodini in Sweden, in Stockholm, in 2006. Since then, Mini Rodini has been one of the brands for children who have experienced the strongest growth in Scandinavia, and whose success has been exported to the 'international.

In this new article, discover the history of the brand, its characteristics and its values. 

Immediate success

The reason for which Cassandra created Mini Rodini? Pregnant with her first child, she did not find sustainable baby clothes. Forced rest during her pregnancy, Cassandra use thetime Who offers herself to start drawing and designing clothes for her future child. “When my son was born, I took him under one arm, my portfolio under the other, and I went around Stockholm To show my hard work."Explains the founder.

The first stores that sold their creations emptied their stock in record time. Customers were won over by the atypical universe and filled with joy of Mini Rodini. Cassandra's creations that were only found at the time in small Swedish shops are now present in more than 500 resellers in the world. Among them, Little Dudes Of course !

One of the reasons for the success of Mini Rodini is the illustrations that Cassandra draws herself to decorate the clothes. There are playful patterns that are inspired by wild life, popular cultural phenomena, fantasy and the free mind of children. For Mini Rodini, children must also have clothes that correspond to their personality, their mood and their creativity.

Sustainability as a guideline

Cassandra's commitment to sustainability is fully anchored in the brand's DNA. Just like nature which has always been one of its greatest inspirations and its convictions in terms of fair working conditions.

Mini Rodini is against the consumption of mass products in mass. The brand encourages consumption less, by choosing lasting, timeless and high quality models. The clothes are made from the finest weaving, recycled using PET bottles and other plastic waste found in the oceans.

Beyond the manufacture and production of clothing, sustainability also takes a major place in the communication of Mini Rodini. The efforts and initiatives implemented in sustainability are regularly shared with customers, notably using a Annual sustainability report. The brand aware of consumers on subjects such as sustainable development, mass consumption and the environment.

The “Living Wage” project

Do you know the difference between a minimum wage and a subsistence salary, or “living wage”? The subsistence salary is the estimated salary which should cover the basic needs of a person. We are talking about food, accommodation, clothing, health care, education, and the possibility of saving money. While a minimum wage is a salary set by the government of a country and does not necessarily cover these needs.

Through the “Living Wage” project launched in 2014 by Mini Rodini, the brand undertakes to guarantee a subsistence salary, just and fair, to people who make clothes. How ? She is looking for subsistence salary estimates in factories where she gets to and develop a system to fill the gaps. The additional money comes from the own accounts of Mini Rodini and is not transferred to the end consumer in the form of a price increase.

In recent years, Mini Rodini has been part of the European Living Wages incubator. A forum for the right salary, created by the Fair Wear Foundation. This foundation is an independent non -profit organization which strives to improve the conditions of workers in the preparation workshops.

With such fair values ​​and so strong commitments, it was obvious that Mini Rodini must have had its place with our eco-responsible and sustainable e-shop.

If like us, the story of Mini Rodini touches you and you want to support those who change and improve the world, discover Mini Rodini on Little Dudes!

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