Piupiuchick : des vêtements pour profiter et s’amuser

Piupiuchick: clothes to enjoy and have fun

The Piupiuchick brand, Made in Porto, is Laurence's favorite, the founder of Little Dudes! A slightly offbeat universe, filled with colors and humor, Piupiuchick gives a smile and instantly immerses us in childhood.



Much more than clothes

Mariana, Marta and Inês form the shock trio behind Piupiuchick, founded in 2012. Mariana and Inês are sisters, and longtime friends with Marta.

The idea: to create clothes that allow children to enjoy their childhood and have fun. Each collection is inspired by both experiences lived by the three co-founders during their childhood, but also of those they tell and that they live with their children.


In this way, the brand makes it a point of honor to show children how important the memories they build are. It’s a real tribute to childhood!

Today, Piupiuchick is a team of enthusiasts who work to create new hyper original and full of pep collections. There are illustrated prints, as well as carefully selected colors and fabrics.

100% local and ethical

A single way for Porto in Portugal thanks to Piupiuchick! Cosmopolitan and vibrant city, it was essential for Mariana, Marta and Ines to centralize their activity in their city and to be at the very heart of production, in Porto.

The brand promotes human exchanges with each of the people who take part in the project, this is what co-founders call the "Piupiuchick Family".

In addition to local manufacturing and production, working conditions are respectful of workers and the use of organic matter is favored for the greatest good of our young. Some materials used (such as jersey cotton and carded cotton) are already organic certified but the brand wants to go further and do it for its entire range.

A promising future

The trio at the head of Piupiuchick has the ambition to develop the brand internationally, to reach a maximum of families around the world. Being able to tell them stories and contribute to a better world, step by step.

Piupiuchick continues continuously to always do better and find more fair solutions for the planet and our children. Their ultimate goal? Be the best brand possible: a brand that promotes equality, freedom and peace.

His vision focused on future generations makes it possible to educate the youngest in the environmental and social cause, through clothes and other accessories. It then contributes to their happiness and their quality of life.

Every day, Piupiuchick grows and extends around the world. Today, the brand is present in 20 countries. Not really interested in major shopping centers, the co-founders have rather focused on small shops with personality and charisma.

We are proud to count such a brand among us in our durable concept store Little Dudes! Find Piupiuchick and its fun and quality items on our eshop.

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Photos of the Summer 2021 collection@piupiuchick  


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