Stella McCartney : la reine du luxe ecofriendly en 9 points

Stella McCartney: The Luxury Queen Ecofriendly in 9 points

When we talk about eco -responsible luxury, it is impossible not to mention Stella McCartney! It has advocated an ethical, sustainable and environmentally friendly fashion since 2001.

We tell you everything about the luxury Ecofriendly pioneer in this new article.

#1 styling and ecology punctuated his childhood

Stella McCartney grew up in a organic farm alongside her socially committed parents. His father Paul McCartney, a bass player of the Beatles, notably used his celebrity for many causes around the world.

Stella's passion for styling began very early. She made her first jacket at the age of 12 and in 1986, at 15, she participated in the first Haute Couture collection by Christian Lacroix.

#2 She launches her mark at the age of 30

After being the artistic director of Maison Chloé for three years, Stella McCartney launched her eponymous luxury brand in 2001.

From the start, it makes it a point of honor to have an ethically committed and eco-responsible brand by proscribing in particular the use of leather, fur, skins and feathers.

#3 She hasn't been using PVC for 12 years

In 2010, the Stella McCartney house definitely stopped using PVC, one of the most toxic plastics. She then developed a green alternative to the same properties, PU.

Since the launch of its brand, Stella has been insisting that all the materials used have been similar to those used elsewhere, but better for the planet, for health, for all.

#4 She engages against violence against women

In July 2020, Stella organized the Stella Fest, a digital festival where dozens of international artists participated. The goal: to collect funds via a charitable auction to end the violence against women.

#5 She innovates with the KOBA faux fur

In 2019, Stella McCartney became the very first brand to use new generation fur: Koba.

Consisting with vegetable fibers and recycled polyester, KOBA is a soft and fully recyclable faux fur this eco -responsible alternative produces up to 63% in less greenhouse gas than conventional fur.

#6 She continues collaborations with Adidas

On several occasions, Stella McCartney collaborates with Adidas to create vegan sneakers as iconic as the Stan Smith and running sneakers made from recycled materials.

She also designed, in a limited edition, the first vegan football shoe in partnership with Paul Pogba.

#7 It is the first to use mushroom leather

Yes yes, mushroom leather! More specifically, it creates the very first clothes in the world made from vegan leather of mushrooms, Mylo, cultivated in the laboratory.

MyLO is a flexible and durable alternative to leather, made from mycelium (the vegetative apparatus of mushrooms). It is an ecological alternative quite similar to animal products. And in addition, it is not made from oil, unlike most current synthetic options.

#8 She scrolled animals at Paris Fashion Week


… or almost ! To close the presentation of its fall-winter 2020-2021 collection in Paris, the Stella McCartney team paraded in cow, crocodile, rabbit and horse costumes. These funny animals distributed shrubs ready to be replanted. On these, we could read: “We absorb the CO2 emitted by the parade so that its carbon footprint is completely neutral. Planting this tree is part of the solution ”.

#9 She takes part in fashion genderless

Inspired by the wardrobe that her parents were dividing, Stella McCartney launched the Shared collection in 2020. It is his very first non -gendered collection celebrating the individuality, diversity and positivity of young people, capable of generating a social change, especially for the environment.

There are costumes, coats, trenches and fleece jackets with an urban and relaxed touch.

With such commitments and such values, it was obvious to tell you about Stella McCartney on the blog of Little Dudes.

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