The Campamento : l’engagement à l’espagnole 

The Campamento: commitment to Spanish

The Campamento is synonymous with creativity, serious commitment, timelessness and love for our planet. Their collections are mainly carried out in organic cotton, with particular care given to details and freedom, curiosity and enthusiasm of children.

Mission and vision

The project was born in 2018 from the dream of Jorge Toba and Antia Montero, in Coruzie, in northern Spain. They had, and have always, the vocation of creating a more sustainable world for the following generations while doing things in their own way.

Jorge and Antia find their inspiration in the small details of daily life. According to them, you can find beauty everywhere. The essential lies in the way we look at things. »



Through their brand, they tell a bunch of stories. Stories about the reality that surrounds them with their special vision. And also their own stories, those linked to their personal and unique experiences.

Positive social impact

Since its creation, The Campamento has been a brand whose objectives are not limited to simple profits. The pleasure of designing clothes with original designs, which really please and have a positive social impact.

Being aware of the harmful consequences of the fast fashion industry, The Campamento is one of the rare brands that does not participate in promotional campaigns like Black Friday or mid-season sales. Rather, the brand prefers, in response to its globalized events, donate part of its income to initiatives with social commitments andenvironmental.

The Campamento notably carried out donation campaigns at the Red Cross Spanish and Sea Shepherd For the protection of marine ecosystems and biodiversity.


Love of our planet

For Jorge and Antia, The Campamento is a communication tool to aware and educate children and their parents on the subject of the environment. Sustainability is the key word and each year, concrete improvements are set up to make the difference:

  • The Campamento factories are located in northern Portugal, a few hours before the brand's headquarters. A privileged relationship is maintained with suppliers. In terms of short circuit, you can hardly do better!
  • 20% of the organic cotton used in their latest SS22 collection is certified Gots. This certification guarantees a minimum of 70% of certified organic certified fibers, a manufacturing with low ecological impact and decent working conditions.
  • The Campamento is associated with the Better Cotton Initiative In order to improve cotton cultivation in the world. The BCI works with cotton producers around the world, by offering them training and strengthening their more sustainable agricultural practices capacities.
  • THE Lyocell, an eco-friendly semi-synthetic material is often used in their collections.


We are honored to count such a brand among us! Find the creativity and commitment of The Campamento On our durable concept store.

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