La mode des années 60 : influences et accessoires mythiques 

The fashion of the 60s: mythical influences and accessories

The 1960s were one of the most striking periods in fashion. Getting away from the 1950s, strict and rather strict, to enter a new era of rebellion and revolution with its bright colors, its striking cuts and its audacity.


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Discover the movements that influenced the style of the 60s such as Beatnik fashion, "mod" looks, the hippie movement, and the mythical accessories that reflect the artistic and rebellious spirit of the time.

60 years later, the main trends of the 60s continue to influence creators, stylists and fashion enthusiasts around the world.

Beatnik fashion

Born in the 1940s, Beatnik fashion continues to evolve until the mid -1960s. Beatniks rebelled against the materialist society of the American middle class and wanted to move away from it. Their rebellion was made thanks to literature and personal expression through style.

Their typical uniform consisted of rolled passes and black pants, berets and stripes.

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“Mod” looks

The “mod” subculture - abbreviation of “modernists” to qualify modern jazz lovers, as opposed to “trads” - was born in London in the late 1950s before spreading worldwide in the world 60s.

This creative and daring look, like the Londonian of the Sixties, was the favorite of young people of the time. There are leather, color-blocking but also skirt costumes. With the rise of the mini-skirt (which we just told you about here), the skirt suit was an excellent balance between class and femininity.

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The hippie movement

Adopting an alternative way of life, the first hippies landed in the late 1960s in San Francisco. They dressed in theater costumes and recycled clothes. By wearing vintage clothes, or by making clothes from old fabrics, the hippies have created a unstructured, creative and fanciful look, never seen before.

The hippie movement does not give in to any fashion rule: men let their long hair grow and we can no longer tell women what they have to wear. No matter the social position, everyone dresses as they see fit.

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Mythical accessories from the 60s

Fashion of the 60s also gave birth to popular and ultra-chics accessories, the impact of modern fashion. And at Little Dudes, we love them!

  • Vinyl trench

Who says 60s says mode with a practical appearance and functional fabrics! Smooth and waterproof outdoor clothes were popularized by the "MOD" era, where the bright colors in vinyl trenches were essential.

  • Jewelry do you want it here

Colorful, fairly kitsch jewelry and large plastic rings with psychedelic patterns are on the rise today. These accessories come directly from the Sixties fashion.


  • The female tuxedo

We told you about it in a previous article, the female tuxedo of Yves-Saint-Laurent is the real stroke of genius of his career, which appeared in 1966. This play is against the current of beauty standards and represents a revolution in genres where women are free and independent.

  • Cigarette pants

Cigarette pants, also called Capris, or Pantacourts, were very popular in women of the time. It was available in a multitude of fabrics, colors and prints that suited all the events of the day. And this is always the case for today!

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