The New Society : allier esthétisme et durabilité

The New Society: Allier aesthetics and sustainability

Create collections that make sense. This is the goal of Spanish designer and photographer Estefania grandio when she launched The New Society in January 2019.

The New Society is a brand of children's clothing and adolescents (and recently for women) proudly carrying the values ​​of aesthetics, sustainability and timelessness. Each creation represents an emotion linked to the present moment, and is doomed to last over time.

Brand history

Before The New Society, Estefania has been swimming for more than 15 years in the fashion world by working for women's fashion brands. In 2016, Estefania became a mother and she is feeling more and more the need to develop her own project.

"Create The New Society has been organized in my career. At one point, I just felt the need to do it, it was the logical continuation. " she says. The idea led to the launch of the first collection, primitive, in January 2019.

A committed brand

The missions of The New Society are multiple:

  • create collections that can create a link between people,
  • go beyond the production of clothing in the commercial sense of the term,
  • give meaning to each action of the brand.

It's about offering something different from what we are used to on the market. A brand that really combines style and values, being durable in all respects.

From design to production, each step of the process is thought to reduce its imprint on the environment. In small workshops in Portugal and Spain, the collections are created with passion and consist of natural and organic fabrics (GOTS).

Reducing water consumption, the use of botanical dyes, the reuse of textiles from old collections and the elimination of plastic packaging is part of the eco -responsible steps undertaken by The New Society.

Estefania's inspiration 

The collections are created so that children feel good there. Each creation is a vehicle of hope and beauty for future generations.

The New Society is a brand full of charm where aesthetics takes a place in its own right. There is an eclectic style, with a touch of sport and romanticism. "I create with my heart, in empathy with everything that surrounds me and which is aesthetically beautiful. My inspiration is the emotions, what I feel, what moves me, which echoes in me, a song, a memory, a painting ... ”said Estefania.

At Little Dudes, we are convinced that it is possible to be stylish while advocating lasting, social values ​​and biological materials. The New Society is the proof!

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