Voyage voyage avec Hello Simone

Travel trip with Hello Simone

Hello Simone is a brand of French clothing created in 2014 by Tifenn Duchalle, former journalist. She dresses girls from 2 to 12 years old with collections that travel around the world.
Quality, eco -responsibility, soft materials and colorful looks are all terms that define the Hello Simone universe that you are presented in this new article.


Who is Simone?

Simone is a young Parisian girl, cool and refined at the same time. She loves her city but her love for travel and discovery is even greater.
South of France, Italy, Africa, Russia, ... the borders do not exist for Simone. Back from traveling, she developed a collection that reflects the atmosphere, the landscapes and the colors of the country visited.

Simone is also the grandmother of TIFENN, who founded the brand in her honor.

Quality and comfort

Quality clothes, respectful of children's health and movements, is a must for Hello Simone!

In terms of materials, the brand favors the use of natural fibers, 100% cotton, wool or viscose. Easily soft and washable materials, ideal for accompanying children in all their adventures.

The clothes are carefully adapted to the needs of children. For example, most of them have pockets to carefully keep their little treasures.


Eco-responsible world tour

Ethical and ecological values ​​are at the heart of each hello Simone collection.

It’s an eco-responsible world way:
  • T-shirts and sweatshirts are made of organic cotton in Portugal
  • The sweaters are knitted with Italian wires in Mauritius in small factories
  • Clothes that are made in India are certified Oeko-tex
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