Le jeans : 7 faits historiques sur cette pièce iconique

Jeans: 7 historical facts on this iconic piece

Can you imagine a world without jeans? Mythical fashion article, he crossed eras and generations, with different cuts, colors and looks. From the 16th century to the 19th century, it evolved between Italy, France and the United States to become today the clothing that has influenced our way of dressing us the most.

This iconic piece has come a long way to get there! In this new article, Little Dudes tells you the story of jeans in 7 interesting facts.



1. His name is inspired by the city of Genoa in Italy

In the 16th century, large amounts of fabric left Genoa to London. This fabric is known as “the canvas of Genoa” or also, in everyday language, “Jean”.

A mixture of linen and wool, the canvas of Genoa is used to make boats, sailors and even slave clothes in the 18th century.


2. It existed before Levi Strauss

Most of us would tend to think that jeans appeared at the time of the famous Levi Strauss in the 1850s. Think again ...

It all starts in Nîmes, in the south of France, in the 1670s. It was David André, a nîmes dyer, who developed a durable indigo blue fabric. A unique and robust cotton fabric, completely different from what existed at the time.

It is called "Serge de Nîmes". The name was taken up by the English -speaking world to become “denim”.


3. It was intended for work

 It was at the end of the 18th century that cotton factories appeared in the United States. There is denim (from Nîmes).

In 1853, Levi Strauss owned a textile company specializing in wholesale and based in San Francisco. One of his clients, Jacob Davis, a nevada tailor, ordered him fabric to create robust pants, capable of resisting difficult work. Specially adapted for workers.

Davis made it from Denim and made it more solid by placing copper rivets in the places where the pants tear the most: the pockets and the fly. When he wanted to patent his invention in 1873, he wrote in Levi Strauss, and they became partners. The jeans as we know him today (or almost) was born!


4. It was created in two colors

Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis jeans were initially produced in two different fabrics and colors: brown canvas and blue denim.

It was in 1890 that the legendary Levi’s 501 model was born. The blue denim took over and the brown canvas has gradually disappeared. The 501 was a symbol of freedom in the United States. Nowadays, it remains an essential unisex basic.


5. He arrived in Europe during the Second World War

In the 1940s, the American GI arrived in Europe and took their pairs of jeans with them. Although the production of Denim work clothes decreased during the war, the end of the Second World War marked a real change in their perception.

Denim jeans are less and less associated with work. It is now associated with leisure and even a downright rebellious attitude! In the 1950s, jeans was considered by many as a form of rebellion, it was prohibited in schools, theaters and restaurants in certain American states.


6. He crossed the eras

From the 1950s, every decade carried its own jeans:

  • Cigarette cut near the body, almost sensual, for the emancipation of women,
  • Eph ’legs and flowers for hippies,
  • Washed -out color for rock years,
  • Ultra tight at the arrival of the new century, ...

It has become the essential clothing for all sexes. Jeans represents a symbol of identification and belonging, evolution and fashion.

7. The future is green

Sad reality: jeans is one of the most polluting products. To make only one, liters of water and many toxic products are necessary.

Consciences are awakening and innovation for a more environmentally friendly future is an integral part of modern jeans. More and more creators are looking for lasting and less polluting solutions for the manufacture and production of this iconic part.

Even if fast fashion brands try Green fashion, for ecological and ethical jeans, always favor biological materials, the local and find out about the values ​​of the brand.

And for children?

Jeans are worn both by parents and children. They give them a modern and cool look. The whole thing is to choose a comfortable cut and make follies in terms of colors to add pep!



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