Tendances été 2021 : nos coups de coeur durables

Summer trends 2021: our lasting favorites

Summer is finally here ! For the occasion, we gathered our favorite trends to dress your children in stylish and durable mode throughout this season.

Sustainable fashion and fashion trends: IT’s a match!

How to follow the latest fashion trends while consuming permanently and with meaning? We can help you on this! At the house of Little Dudes, you understand, our mantra is to buy less but better!

To say stop to the big brands of Fast Fashion where the models are linked without distinction of seasons and where the rays overflow is possible! Your best asset: do not let yourself have the abundance of new products that come out several times in a single month. No, no, sustainability also involves respecting the seasons. At Little Dudes, the selection is made twice a year. We are also preparing the Summer 2022 collection, too looking forward to revealing you all!

Consuming in a lit manner is above all to find what best suits your child and buy timeless parts that will last in the long term (good basics that will hold over the years for example). Less compulsive purchases, more reflection.

In addition, one of the cool things with sustainable fashion that promotes quality items is that several generations of the family will be able to wear them! The clothes then become much more than simple everyday objects that we get tired quickly.

Ready for our sustainable favorites Summer 2021? Let's go !

#1 Pastel, soft and light colors

Why do we love pastel colors? Because they do us good. Sweetness and comfort, we all need a little pastel in our lives! More specifically, purple is a bit of pastel star in this season. This is the color that invites dream and creativity.

The power of colors is strong and in the case of pastels, they have a real positive effect on our mood and well-being. So give a smile to your little ones (and to yourself) with:


#2 A little pep with pop colors

Alongside pastel colors we also find pop colors! Bright and vitamin colors to brighten up your children's days and give them a style full of good waves. After the year we just spent, it feels good to put a little pep in our lives, right?

 The star of pop colors: pink. A flashy touch, perfect for an explosive look on a nice summer day.

Fall for pop colors with our favorite creators:

  • Bobo things : the Spanish specialist in fun and colorful pieces.

  • Piupiuchik: a universe filled with colors and humor, 100% made in Porto.

#3 back in the 70’s: the classic tie & dye

With the arrival of sunny days, the Tie & Dye trend is a must. Cult dyeing of ‘70 years, we love its faded effect which gives a super relaxed look to our little pieces.

T-shirts, dresses and overalls, the tie & dye is in many ways! Go to our partners:

  • Lovelivethequeen: The Dutch brand creates clothes based on recycled materials, organic cottons and soft meshes.

  • The New Society Where the collections are created so that children feel good there. Each sustainable and ethical product, made in Portugal, is a vehicle of hope and beauty for future generations.


An idea of ​​activity too nice with the family for this summer? Make your own Tie & Dye creations! A white t-shirt, elastics, food colors, a little patience and voila!

#4 tiles do you want it here

Simple and comfortable clothing for children, a minimalist style, a touch of tiles, everything we love!

We crack too much for the Vichy print which inspires us with something quite comforting, that we know well, as a return to traditions ... For the little anecdote, it is thanks to the iconic Brigitte Bardot that the Vichy took off . She adopted it on a pink and white dress on her wedding day in 1959.

Pretty dresses at The New Society Our partner with eclectic style:

Or small vests with more pronounced tiles at Longivethequeen : 

Or even fun and offbeat tiles at Bobo things :  

There will be something for everyone !

 Fashion trends or not, here are the two essential things to remember:

  • In summer, absolutely protect your children from heat and allergies. So always opt for light and quality clothes. For their little heads and their eyes, it's at Babymocs How it happens!

  • Fast Fashion dictates can hide in the face of sustainable fashion commitments. We can never tell you enough: buy less but better, from all the seasons.


In fact, the real trend is to dress sustainably and adopt a more human, more reasoned fashion!

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